Information for Employers

As an employer of an apprentice, these are some of the commitments you will make:

  • You will provide the apprentice with a contract of employment
  • You will employ the apprentice for a minimum of 16 hours per week, including time spent with the assessor and undertaking off-the-job training
  • You will pay the apprentice at least national minimum wage (for apprentices), including for any hours spent undertaking off-the-job training
  • You are committed to employing the apprentice for at least the duration of the Apprenticeship framework
  • You will play an active part in their learning programme including contributing to regular progress reviews and undertake legal and contractual responsibilities for health and safety
  • You are committed to make sufficient time available for the apprentice to fulfil their learning and assessment needs for all elements of the apprenticeship framework. We will provide the opportunity for them to attend any training required in order to achieve the appropriate level of essential skills.
  • As well as the qualifications of the apprenticeship framework, development of Welsh language skills in the workplace, wellbeing and citizenship are also an integral part of all Welsh Government funded apprenticeship programmes

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